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Ingebjorg9 has written a handful of Wallander (TV-series) fanfic hosted on Archive Of Our Own, all are for gen or teen-up audiences and are written in English. Save Me, I'm Yours "Don't turn the light off and leave me, the ghosts will come and get me." Stefan can't sleep. Linda rescues him from his ghosts. Words: 447, Chapters: 1/1 The Magpies of Ystad A bizarre series of thefts hits Ystad, inconveniencing everyone, including Wallander's boss, Chief Holgersson. Up to his eyes in work, Wallander sends Svartman to do some sleuthing. Is Svartman smart enough to figure out what's going on? Words: 2,457, Chapters: 1/1 Five First Dates Kurt Wallander, encouraged by his daughter Linda, looks in the Personals column of the local newspaper to try and cure his loneliness. Consequently, five less than perfect dates follow, and various types of chaos quickly ensue... Words: 6,158, Chapters: 6/6 Stefan's Renaissance An alternative ending for episode 13 of the Wallander series: The Secret/Hemligheten. Stefan didn't shoot the suspect, is saved from suicide and has to come to terms with his life and the dark things that have happened in his past. Words: 2,506, Chapters: 1/1 The Forsaken When the body of an unknown girl is discovered, Wallander and his team begin to believe that something very sinister has been happening to her. However, the truth is much bigger and darker than they were expecting. Can they stop the same thing happening again? Words: 30,977, Chapters: 14/14 Wallander-fans might also be interested in joining [livejournal.com profile] wallander_tv - A Wallander Community. ETA: And hey! BBC-Wallander icons!


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