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Over at [livejournal.com profile] scandafandom, [livejournal.com profile] oneiriad just posted a list of all Scandinavian fandoms nominated for this year's big [livejournal.com profile] yuletide (the obscure fandom fiction exchange project) event. I have gotten permission to share the Nordic Noir ones with you here:

Books and Literature:
Harry Hole Series - Jo Nesbø
Inspector Sejer Mysteries - Karin Fossum
Lig og laurbær - Kim Marthedal
Millennium Trilogy - Stieg Larsson
Wallander Series - Henning Mankell

Anno 1790
Bron | Broen | The Bridge (1)
Forbrydelsen | The Killing

Are there more? Tell it in the comment section. And please also tell us if you are participating! You could find fellow Yuletide and Nordic Noir friends and most certainly readers too! I'm sure many of us are looking forward to see fills for these. :)
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I'm happy to announce that [livejournal.com profile] nordic_noir is now an affiliate community of [livejournal.com profile] smallfandombang! Thanks goes to the mod there, [livejournal.com profile] spikedluv. :)

Small Fandoms Bang is a big bang community for small fandoms. A big bang is a long fanfic (≈ more than 10.000 words). Writing a long story can be something of a challenge and even more if you are writing for a small fandom, and so the [livejournal.com profile] smallfandombang community is there to provide encouragement, help and cheer-leading to make you reach your writing goals. And as the [livejournal.com profile] nordic_noir fandoms are generally small and have much too few big bangs (in my opinion :D), the community could be very useful for Nordic Noir fans. So go for it: that longfic your plotbunnies have been nibbling at!
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Share your love for Nordic Noir by participating in the Small Fandom Bang! You can ask for cheerleaders and/or betas here, at [livejournal.com profile] nordic_noir. And - important! - remember to post your Nordic Noir fanwork to this community afterwards! :)


A 10,000-word big bang for small fandoms!

FAQ | Rules | Authors | Beta/Cheerleader | Affiliate
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The crime festival in Oslo is celebrated March 7. - 9. 2013 and has a packed program.

Among the Scandinavian crime authors announced are Lars Kepler, Jens Lapidus, Yrsa Sigurdardottir, Anne Holt, Gunnar Staalesen, Jørn Lier Horst, Tom Egeland, Tom Kristensen, Knut Faldbakken, Chris Tvedt, Torkil Damhaug, Hans Olav Lahlum, Viveca Steen, Helene Thursten, Ninni Schulman, Sara Blædel, Hjort and Rosenfeldt, Elsebeth Egholm, Cilla and Rolf Börjlind, Antti Toumainen, Karin Wahlberg, Stefan Tegenfalk, Håkan Östlundh, Lars Petterson, Christoffer Carlsson, Erik Valeur, Jørgen Gunnerud, Jan Mehlum, Knut Nærum, Trude Teige, Eystein Hanssen, Jan-Erik Fjell, Øystein Wiik, Sigbjørn Mostue and Johnny Brenna, Bernt Rougthvedt, Tomas Enger, Jørgen Brekke, Aslak Nore, Birger Baug, Helge Fauskanger, Arne Garvang, Odd Harald Hauge, Asle Skredderberget, Ørjan N. Karlsson, Gard Sveen, Tore Aurstad and Carina Westberg.

There's also some great British crime authors coming: Val McDermid, Tom Rob Smith, Sophie Hannah and John Harvey,

The best part is of course that it's free entrance! \o/
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There's a multifandom Nordic-language learner-friendly kink meme going on at http://in-particulate.livejournal.com/4936.html - Nordic language kink meme

From [livejournal.com profile] juicypuffin's descriptions: "A kink meme for all fandoms, in Nordic languages. (...)
Every request is tagged and searchable here: http://www.delicious.com/nordiclangmeme"

"You can answer in a Nordic language and not put it in English, or you can do both a Nordic language and English, but you can't put it only in English."

"A kink meme is not always as dirty as it sounds. It’s just a place to write/draw stories that people request, about existing book characters, tv series, whatever. There are actually tons of these out there on the internet, but not many in Nordic languages."

So, for those of you that speak a Nordic language: Use the chance to prompt for Nordic Noir-fanfiction! (There sure isn't too much of it around already. :)
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New members keep dribbling in, and it's great to see more Nordic Noir-fans. A warm welcome to you all! And if you'd like to present yourself, your favorite Nordic Noir-novels, characters, movies or series, news or gossip, hop to it! It doesn't have the be "the most important post evar", it can be  a simple picture of your favourite, a question, a drabble - I'm sure you get the gist.

I have asked a few other communities if they want to become our affiliates. Here's the list so far (Yay for them!):
[info]beforeyouwrite - A fanfic community for rare pairings and fandoms.
[livejournal.com profile] bookfanfiction - A fanfiction archive for fic based on books.
[livejournal.com profile] moviefanfiction - A fanfiction archive for fandoms based on movies.
[info]scandafandom - A multifannish community for fans speaking Scandinavian languages.
[info]smallfandomfest - A multi-fandom fest community for small fandoms.

They are all well worth visiting. And [livejournal.com profile] smallfandomfest has a Pimp your Small Fandom!!!-round going right now (up until April 30.), so you can use this opportunity to get more fans interested in your special-but-small fandoms and your beloved OTP's. (Wallander and Varg Veum is already taken.) And if you do one for a Nordic-Noir-series, remember to repost it here, for us to squee over too!
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Krimfestivalen - the Crime Festival - in Oslo, 1. - 3. March 2012, has just closed its doors. 30 authors have entertained thousands of crime lovers in more than 35 arrangements, and the festival has been deemed a success. The arrangers promise to repeat their efforts again next year. :)

The Crime Festival's homepage: Krimfestivalen i Oslo

Fredrik Wanderup interviews Jens Lapidus - webcast/video stream. (Interview in Norwegian and Swedish.)

Fredrik Wanderup interviews Liza Marklund - webcast/video stream. (Interview in Norwegian and Swedish.)


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