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Henning Mankell's seventh book about Kurt Wallander: "On Step Behind" has a plot and a character (and possible pair of star-crossed lovers) of special interest to slashing fans:

Karl Svedberg, Wallander's good friend and colleague is implicated in a crime early on in the book, and much of the following plot focuses on secrets he has kept from Wallander. I bet you can guess where this is going? *drumroll* One Step Behind has canon angsty slash! *hugs the author*

A very spoilery synopsis of One Step Behind (Swedish film version, 2008):
"Three youngsters are shot dead whilst having a woodland picnic in fancy dress. One girl's mother reports her as missing but postcards from Paris supposedly sent by the daughter negate any police involvement. Then another parent reports that Wallander's troubled colleague, Svedberg, had earlier expressed an interest in the kids' movements, and then Svedberg is also found shot, photos of the dead trio being found in his flat along with one of a mystery woman, identified by Svedberg's cousin as his ex-girlfriend Louise. The corpses are found, and a friend of the victims is also slain, having told Wallander that his workmate was really gay, and that 'Louise' is a transvestite, and a wholly murderous one, who adds to his toll of dead by killing a further trio of innocents. Diagnosed as diabetic and aware that he never truly knew the dead colleague who regarded him as his best friend, Wallander must not only avenge Svedberg but halt a psychopath from an ordinary but obvious walk of life from striking far closer to home. Written by don@minifie-1" From IMDb.

Wallander grieving in Svedbergs funeral:

BUT why am I writing this? Because there is no fic! I haven't found a single one, neither on FF.net: Wallander nor on AO3: Wallander, nor anywhere else. Do you know better? Or, could I inspire you to make a go of it? Please post plotbunnies too: the right prompt does help a lot in greasing the cogs. ;)

A comprehensive fan site (inspector-wallander.org), on "One Step Behind" (with all movie versions, translations and so on).
A clip on bbc.co.uk: "One Step Behind". (Available to viewers in the UK.)

Date: 2012-08-28 11:51 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] tartary-lamb.livejournal.com
I may have joined this community specifically to respond to this post. Er... Hi?

I've only seen the BBC adaptation, unfortunately. But there, at least... Yes. Why doesn't this exist? The fact this pairing has no fic makes me quietly sad.

And I do have a bunny! Not a bunny I think I could properly write, though I sorely want to, but it basically boils down to "Wallander is haunted and ultimately falls for Svedberg's ghost. Together, they fight crime," with a couple of extra dollops of angst of the "Is this real, or am I losing my mind because of the whole sleep-deprivation and taking terrible care of myself thing?" persuasion.

And then because it's me there are serial killers and buckets of plot, but that's not important. What is important is my tracking down English subtitled versions of this series because... reasons. >_>


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